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If you want to make sense of the chaos around you, search here...

Welcome to InQuiring Minds!

 And congratulations for wanting to 'wake up' or to continue learning about the ‘Great Awakening!'  

If the world seems to be out of control and you are trying to make sense of it all... or if what you are seeing on the news does not make sense and all the pieces don't seem to fit... or maybe you have heard about the 'Q Movement' and you are just curious... or you have gone down some of the rabbit holes and want more information... for whatever reason you're here, we are glad you found us!

Our small group of like-minded American Patriots realized that there are many, many people who are not aware of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ situation happening in the United States and in the World right now. Some of those people, like you, have started to 'awaken' to the reality the Globalist movement and may not know where to begin to try to understand the world that the 'elites' created.


We designed this website to give you a ‘user-friendly’ resource that explains the world behind the façade – in smaller pieces to make it easier to digest. Our hope is that this website will give you enough information to make you say, 'hmmm' and to ‘awaken’ you. 


As you proceed through this website and see what we have designed for you, know that there is a happy ending and that we believe that life will be changing soon, for the better! Our world is on course for incredible changes and unbelievable greatness!

There is a lot of content within these pages. Some of this information can be mind-blowing, disturbing, and incredible. You may find it overwhelming at times. We did too and needed to take mental breaks. There is a lot of re-learning here and will likely take you some time to get through it all. But, we are so happy that you are here and taking this journey with us!

Buckle up! You're in for a wild ride!!

Mountain Cabin

Are you utterly frustrated or concerned with what is going on in the world?  Have you been hearing people talk about 'Patriots, Q, Anons,' and conspiracy theories?  Then, this is the place to start.  

Follow us to the beginner's

guide to...

Tunnel -like path covered with bushes an
Need to
Know More

So, you have the basics.  Now you are realizing that there is so much more that you want to know and... just so many questions.  You have no choice but to follow us...


A large database of information for researching nearly every truther subject.  

Enter here if you...


(Coming Soon)

Have To Know It All...
EyeS Wide 



We’ve watched all the videos and have read all the articles we have posted. We believe that these sources are reliable and/or relevant. However, we recommend you use your own discernment and do research for yourself. 

If you are a beginner to the ‘Great Awakening'...

Start with watching the videos in the first tab called 'Just Awakening' in the order we posted them. You may need a few hours or days to watch these so that you are not overwhelmed with the information you will see.  (Plus some are a bit lengthy, like watching a movie.) 

If you are familiar with the Great Awakening...

Then you may still want to check out the videos in 'Just Awakening' as there may yet be some new information for you. Then, move on to all the topics under the Need to Know More tab. 

If you have seen a lot... 

but want to dive deeper into ‘rabbit holes,’ then explore Eyes Wide Open. 

Who We Are

We are a team of digital soldiers working together to create a platform of information and understanding.  Our goal is to create a site for those who are new to the movement as well as those who are familiar with it all 

to gather information and sources easily.  

Questions or Suggestions?

Check us out on our Telegram channel

Who We Are
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