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Just Awakening – Plan To Save The World, White Hats Are in Control (PSF), Out of Shadows?, The Fall of the Cabal, Game Over: The Level Playing Field

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The Cabal – 

Globalist Control – 

Satanic Worship – X Factor Winner Reveals The World’s Secret Religion, Fiona Barnett, Satan’s Children, Marina Abromovic, 

Pedophilia & Human Trafficking – David Nino Rodriguez, Testimonials (Blake Lively, ), 

The Great Reset – Forewarning (1984, Brave New World, ), Utopia – Short Film, 

Covid-19/ Vaccine – Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Michelle Malkin, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Dr. Lee Merritt, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Plandemic Movies, Shedding, 

Election Fraud – America’s Electronic Voting System Is Corrupted To The Core (article), Absolute Proof, Scientific Proof, Absolute Interference, Bobby Piton, Sydney Powell, 

Entertainment & Media – Out of Shadows?, Hollywood, Operation Mockingbird, The Media, 

Q Movement – Q For Beginners Part 1: Who Is Q?, An Introduction to Q (article), Ultimate Q Proofs,

The Great Awakening – The Great Awakening of 2020, Silicone Masks/ You Are Watching A Movie, The Alliance, 

Quantum Financial System –

Eyes Wide Open – 

The Cabal – Freemasons, Khazarian Mafia (PSF, ), The Jesuits (Fall of The Cabal Sequel Parts 1-6, NWO – The Jesuits Explained, ), Illuminati, The Deep State, 13 Bloodline Families, 

The Monarchy – The Financial Arm, The Royal Family Secret Pedophile Ring, The Great Awakening – The Longest Journey, 

Washington D.C. – The Military Arm, The Clintons, The Bushes, The Bidens, The Obamas, 

The Vatican – The Religious Arm, World Sovereign/ Power of the Vatican, The Knights Templar, The Knights of Malta, The Knights of Columbus, 

Israel – Mossad, The Zionists, 

Worldwide Governments – United Nations (Artwork, Luciferic Invocation, ), NATO, EU (Europa-The Last Battle Documentary, ), G20, Build Back Better (UN Slogan, All Nations, Dr. Taylor Marshall, ), 

Churches Involved – False Prophets (Jerry Falwell, Billy Graham, ), 

Secret Societies – Skull and Bones, The Hidden Hand, Boule Society, The Committee of 300/ The Olympians, The Club of Rome, Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall, 

Current History – Dinosaurs (Dinosaur Hoax?, ), 

Famous Freemasons – William Shakespeare- Writer, Sir Isaac Newton- Gravity, Charles Darwin- Evolution, Albert Einstein- Time, Buzz Aldrin- Space Travel, 

World Wars –

US Monetary System – The Federal Reserve Banking Scam & The Act of 1871, The Corporation of the United States of America, The Federal Reserve (Money Banking and The Federal Reserve, Federal Reserve Animated Video), The Federal Reserve is Privately Owned, Income Tax is Unconstitutional, The Cabal and The World Bank (Karen Hudes, ), We Have Control of The Fed (Michael Tellinger, ), NESARA/ GESARA

False Flags – 911, Every World War, Race Wars, 

Secret Operations – Operation Paperclip (Annie Jacobsen, ), CIA/ FBI/ NSA, Unit 731, 

Mind Control – MK Ultra (Cathy O’Brien, ), Beta Kitten (Vigilant Citizen, ), Monarch Programming, 

The Great Reset – New World Order, Agenda 21/ 30, Bill Gates/ Population Reduction (Fall of The Cabal Sequel Part 8, ), The Denver Airport, 

Target... Earth – Food Contamination/ Modification (Fall of The Cabal Sequel Part 9, GMO OMG! Documentary, ), Chem Trails (Ted Gunderson, ), Weather Manipulation/ HAARP, 5G,

Big Pharma – History of Big Pharma (Rockefeller Medicine), Persecution of Natural Medicine, Vaccinations, 

Pandemics – Mask Wearing, AIDS, Anthony Fauci, 

Global Charities & NGOs – Global Charities, Non-Governmental Organizations, Bill and Melinda Gates (The Gates Foundation, ), Adoption Agencies & Orphanages, 

Global Banks & Corporations –

Pedophilia & Human Trafficking – Satanic Ritual Abuse (Russ Dizdar), Sex Slavery, Pedophilia, Adrenochrome, Pizzagate, 

DUMBs & Container Ships – DUMBs, Container Ships, (Government Art Program)- Getty Museum, 

Current Technology – Automobiles (Water Car, ), Airplanes,

Hidden Technologies – Mag Levs, Med Beds, Operation Looking Glass, Quantum Computers, 

Nikola Tesla – Nikola Tesla History, Tesla Technology, Tesla Towers, 

Earth – Earth’s Magnetic Energy, Ley Lines, NASA, Flat Earth (Government Documentation, Level Documentary, ), Antarctica, 

Consciousness Shift – 

Artificial Intelligence – Holographic Technology, DARPA (Annie Jacobsen, ), Luciferase (Dr. Carrie Madej, ), 

Cloning & Droning – The Black Eye Club, 

Prophesies – Mark Taylor, Kim Clement, Biblical Prophecy, 

The Moon – Apollo Moon Landings (Stanley Kubrick, ),  

Off-Planet – UAP-Unidentified Arial Phenomenon (History Channel, Luis Elizondo), Government Projects (Projects Sign Grudge and Blue Book, Stargate Project, Project Blue Beam, ), Biblical References, Extra-Terrestrials (George Van Tassel, ), The Alien Agenda, CERN, 


Other Sources – 

Podcasts – Bishop Larry Gaiters, Charlie Ward, Cirsten W, Juan O. Savin, Patriot Streetfighter, Sean Stone, Simon Parkes, 

Social Media – Telegram, Telegram, 

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