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Just Awakening 

You are going to see a lot of shocking information in these videos that will call much of what you have learned into question. ​It may cause angst or disbelief. It did for us too. Take your time to absorb the new information, and... give this new information a chance.  Keep your mind open. Remember, there is a happy ending!

And, know that you are not alone.  There are millions of people who are awakened to what is contained in these pages. If you want to connect with these people or us or want to do additional research, we recommend that you explore the social media sites, podcasts, and websites that we have listed under the Other Sources tab.  They are a great starting point.

We suggest watching these introductory videos in the order listed below...


1. The Plan To Save The World

This is the Cliff Notes introduction.  This video starts at the beginning of how the Cabal system began, how we have been 'asleep' while it happened, and how Q has exposed the Deep State.  It will validate your confusion and will give you a great idea of what Q is all about. (Joe M, 13 minutes)


2. White Hats Are In Control

This video is a fantastic overview of the players and what is really going on in the world.  It was created just after the election, so while much has happened since then, it will put your mind at rest while you continue to learn more. (Scott McKay, Patriot Streetfighter, 50 minutes)


3. The Fall Of The Cabal

After you have watched the Cliff Notes video above move onto the longer version.  This video will touch upon all that was introduced in The Plan To Save The World but will go far more in depth. (Janet Ossebaard, 3 hours)


4. Game Over - The Level Playing Field

Trump is the Great Restart. Trump is standing in the way of The Great Reset and all the elite's evil agendas you see in the news. Let's take you back to where the real fight happened and show you the history made in 2017. (Bonfire Guy, Charlie Freak, 43 minutes)

Now that you have watched and absorbed these videos, learn more about these interesting topics in the Need To Know More tab above...

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