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There is so much you have learned so far.  But, you are wondering how much truth there is to all of this.  Take your time and research through all the information that we have compiled below.  We have aimed to limit what we have here to those sources that we feel are trustworthy.  But, in the end, you have to use your own discernment for what seems right to you...

If you see a topic that you feel cannot be true or real, please keep going. Put that topic aside for now and look at a different topic or search the web for that subject. There is so much information out there on all these themes.  But please, don't dismiss the entire website or the other topics out-of-hand because of just one subject. There is a great diversity of themes here. We are sure that there will be several that strike a chord with you.

Some of these videos are long and there is going to be topic overlap.  It is very difficult to separate each of these subjects out into their own categories because everything is so interconnected.  Look at these topic maps below and you will understand what we mean.


As you are watching all this content, you will come to see that there is a theme that runs through many of these videos and articles. It is a religious theme.  Now, you may or may not be religious.  There are those in our group who are and those who are not religious.  It does not matter which way you lean, the information is still the information.  The knowledge is still worthy of being learned regardless of the religious leanings of the teacher.

If you have not watched all the videos under the 'Just Awakening' tab please stop, go back, and watch those before proceeding. The introductory videos really do give you such a great overall understanding of the information contained in the tabs below.  

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