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Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a contagious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The first known case was identified in WuhanChina, in December 2019. The disease has since spread worldwide, leading to an ongoing pandemicSymptoms of COVID-19 are variable, but often include fever, cough, headache, fatigue, breathing difficulties, and loss of smell and taste. Symptoms may begin one to fourteen days after exposure to the virus. At least a third of people who are infected do not develop noticeable symptoms. Older people are at a higher risk of developing severe symptoms. Some people continue to experience a range of effects (long COVID) for months after recovery, and damage to organs has been observed. Multi-year studies are underway to further investigate the long-term effects of the disease. (Wikipedia)


Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is an osteopathic medical doctor, board certified in three medical specialties. Widely regarded as the most knowledgeable and outspoken physician on the adverse impact that vaccines can have on health, Dr. Tenpenny has been a guest on hundreds of radio and national television programs. She has lectured at Cleveland State University and Case Western Reserve Medical School, and has been a speaker at conventions, both nationally and internationally, as a recognized expert on a wide range topics within the field of Integrative Medicine including breast health, breast thermography, women’s hormones, medical uses of iodine and the adverse effects vaccines have on health.


Dr. Simone Gold, Frontline Doctors

Dr. Simone Gold is a board-certified emergency physician who has worked on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. She is the author of the provocative, top-selling book I Do Not Consent: My Fight Against Medical Cancel Culture. Gold graduated from Chicago Medical School before attending Stanford University Law School to earn her Juris Doctorate. Her work for AFLDS as the lead author of its Civil Liberties White Paper includes, among other things, identifying the legal harms associated with general lockdowns, emergency powers, HIPAA violations, and overzealous state pharmacy boards.


Dr. Lee Merritt - Biological Warfare 

Dr. Lee Merrit completed an Orthopaedic Surgery Residency in the United States Navy and served 9 years as a Navy physician and was the only woman to be appointed as the Louis A. Goldstein Fellow of Spinal Surgery. Dr. Merritt has been in private practice of Orthopaedic and Spinal Surgery since 1995, has served on the Board of the Arizona Medical Association, and is past president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. She has appeared on numerous radio programs discussing Covid-19, the futility of mask mandates, and other lies and omissions from the medical “technocrats”.


Dr. Judy Mikovits

Dr. Judy Mikovits, has a joint PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from George Washington University, and was a Postdoctoral Scholar in Molecular Virology National Cancer Institute and Research Director of Whittemore Peterson Institute for Neuro-Immune Disease. She joined NIH in 1980 as a Postdoctoral Scholar in Molecular Virology at the National Cancer Institute and began a 20-year collaboration with Frank Ruscetti, a pioneer in the field of human retro virology. She helped Dr Russetti isolate the HIV virus and link it to #AIDS in 1983. In 2006 at Whittemore Peterson Institute Dr. Mikovits collaborated with Dr Ruscetti searching for the cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Dr. Judy Mikovits was one of the most skilled scientists of her generation. She was the target of Anthony Fauci—Twice. In Washington DC Fauci’s tactics are an open secret. Intimidation. Bullying. And reckless disregard for the health and safety of the American people.


Dr. Peter McCullough

Dr. McCullough is a consultant cardiologist and Vice Chief of Medicine at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas TX, a Principal Faculty for the Texas A & M University Health Sciences Center, and an internationally recognized authority on the role of chronic kidney disease as a cardiovascular risk state with > 1000 publications and > 500 citations in the National Library of Medicine.  Dr. McCullough is a founder and current president of the Cardiorenal Society of America. His works have appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of the American Medical Association, Lancet and other top-tier journals worldwide. Dr. McCullough has made presentations on the advancement of medicine across the world and has been an invited lecturer at the New York Academy of Sciences, the National Institutes of Health, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), European Medicines Agency, and the U.S. Congressional Oversight Panel.


PCR Test

"Kary Mullis, who won a 1993 Nobel Prize for inventing the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing process later used to diagnose Coronavirus cases, said that Dr. Anthony Fauci lacks knowledge of medicine and is willing to lie on television. Mullis also admitted in another set of videotaped remarks that a PCR test 'doesn’t tell you that you’re sick.' ” (National File) The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) process, which Dr. Mullis conceptualized in 1983, is hailed as one of the monumental scientific techniques of the twentieth century. A method of amplifying DNA, PCR multiplies a single, microscopic strand of the genetic material billions of times within hours. The process has multiple applications in medicine, genetics, biotechnology, and forensics. PCR, because of its ability to extract DNA from fossils, is in reality the basis of a new scientific discipline, paleobiology.


COVID-19 Man-Made Bioweapon

David E. Martin, PhD, is the developer of several innovation-based quantitative indices of public equities and founder of the Purple Bridge Funds and M-CAM International. He has worked closely with the United States Congress and numerous trade and financial regulatory agencies in the United States. Dr. Martin is also a Batten Fellow at the University of Virginia’s Darden Graduate School of Business Administration. Since 1999, Dr. Martin has been actively tracking patent applications and approvals for the purpose of identifying suspicious activity. He shares the findings from his research regarding the laboratory development of a pathogenic coronavirus that started in 1999 and was released initially upon human populations in the SARS CoV-1 in 2002-2003, then again in MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome in 2012, and then again in SARS CoV-2 which was renamed COVID-19, as shown below with evidence from the primary development lab in Wuhan China. In my opinion, the evidence presented along with additional evidence presented in the video proves that all of these pathogenic variants of the coronavirus were laboratory developed, man-made bioweapons. And they’ve all been funded by the NIAID under the direction of a self-proclaimed Jesuit, Dr. Anthony Fauci. (Z3 News)

Woman with Mask


We all know what masks are... no need for explanation here.



Vaccine shedding is a term used for the release of virus following administration of a live-virus vaccine. Regulatory authorities in the USA and EU recommend that shedding data should be collected both during the development phase of a new product and during clinical trials. A full report on shedding must be included. (Wikipedia)

-Dr. Cole studies the genetic risk for developing common, complex diseases. A special focus of Dr. Cole’s work is on preserving & promoting the utility & potential of the Strong Heart Study as a national resource for research studies to ultimately reduce the prevalence & incidence of metabolic-related disease & to improve public health in general in the American Indian population. Dr. Cole has more than 25 years of expertise studying human genetics.

-Dr. Bhakdi is a retired Thai-German microbiologist. Bhakdi was appointed C2 professor at Gießen in 1982. He spent a further year in Copenhagen and became C3 professor of medical microbiology (at Gießen again) in 1987. He was a professor at the University of Mainz, where from 1991 to 2012 he was head of the Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene as a C4 professor. Prior to his retirement, Bhakdi produced scientific work in fields such as bacteriology and atherosclerosis, and published multiple scientific articles in these areas. Awards he received include the Order of Merit of Rhineland-Palatinate. (Wikipedia)


"Vaccine" Effects

A typical vaccine development timeline takes 5 to 10 years, and sometimes longer, to assess whether the vaccine is safe and efficacious in clinical trials, complete the regulatory approval processes, and manufacture sufficient quantity of vaccine doses for widespread distribution.

-Dr. Jane Ruby, Pharmaceutical Drug Development, Medical Affairs and HEOR expertise in neuroscience (neurology, psychiatry, addiction medicine, sleep medicine) and multiple internal medicine areas such as GI, endocrinology & cardiology. Strategic and tactical expert in health economics and outcomes real world evidence generation for differentiation of products and a powerful portfolio of publications and economic models.


Healing Alternatives

It is important to spend the time to do your own research. There is a lot of information out there.  It is your duty to yourself to inform yourself to the greatest degree possible on maintaining your health through all medical tribulations. These are just some articles that we have found on potential alternatives to approaching Covid-19.

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