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There is much chatter about the Q movement. People range all along the spectrum of belief when it comes to Q.  Watch and read the information below and come to your own conclusions...

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Q For Beginners: Who is Q?

Watch these videos to get a quick understanding as to who the Q Team is and what they have been up to over the past several years.  The video was created by a woman who have been following this movement from the beginning, Mel Q, and an article written by American Thinker.


Is Trump connected To Q ?

General Flynn, a true American Patriot, is making an oath to defend the United States.  At the end he and his family state "Where We Go One, We Go All." This is a well-known Q phrase causing people to believe that the Trump Administration is closely connected to the Q movement.


Ultimate Q Proofs

While watching this video you will be exposed to how the Mainstream Media has deceived the general public and how Q  has exposed this fact.  In doing so, the Q movement is given credibility.


Q Posts

If you are interested in seeing these Q posts for yourself follow the below links.  You can go back to the beginning or just search by topic. The posts began in October of 2017 and ended in December of 2020.

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