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Looking at the View

The Great Awakening

What exactly is The Great Awakening?  You. Here. Right now. Researching. Questioning. 


The Great Awakening

As stated above The Great Awakening is about each and every person on earth coming to the realizations as to what is really going on in the world and doing something about it.


President Trump may or may not be a part of the Q movement. But, one thing that we can say for sure is that he is part of The Great Awakening.  He has been absolutely instrumental in getting people to wake up, learn truths, and seize their own, individual, God-given, soldier-won freedom!!

Trump Speeches


Silicone Masks/ You Are Watching A Movie

Just watch all these videos.  It will blow you away!


The Alliance, 'The White Hats'

"The “White Hats” is an allegorical reference to the “good guys” taken from American movie tradition, in which the good cowboys always wore white hats and the bad guys (bandits, rustlers, land baron thugs) wore black hats. It has been used to refer to the secret group of government and agency personnel working on behalf of the people in regard to the cabal since the late nineties. (Prepare For Change)


The Plan

You will recall from The Plan To Save The World video that a 'white hat' plan exists to rid the world of the elite 'black hats.' The Plan is quite extensive, was in the making for quite some time, involves an incredible amount of people, and as far as we have heard is being enacted currently.

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