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Here is a place where we want to convey to you information that we have come across regarding our physical health and emotional wellness.  Our bodies and minds are being assaulted on a regular basis by the makeup of our current global systems.  When we come across articles or videos that discuss ways of combating these assaults we will post them here.


Dealing With Stress

We all already had stress in our lives. And now you have read through this website and come to learn so many more evils in the world. So, your stress levels are even more elevated. We have attached an article and some videos that have helped us to focus our thoughts and our energy toward the positive. You may wonder why we included a video that talks about a baby's heart stopping which is a horrifying event. This young couple teaches that fear is distracting and debilitating. Lose your fear, clear your mind, and have faith!

Toddler with Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone Radiation & Solution

"Varying factors influence the amount of radiofrequency energy a mobile phone user is exposed to. These include (a) technology of the phone; (b) distance between the phone and its user; (c) distance between users and cell phone towers; and (d) reception of the device. Nonetheless, we are surrounded by electromagnetic radiation every day." (SafeSleeve)


Vaccine Detoxification

There is a lot of information on the internet about being able to detoxify the body from vaccines. You will need to research these suggestions for yourself to see if you find them credible.  We will post a few of them here to get you started...

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